About Matt

Who is Matt Perkins, candidate for Rockville City Council?  Born in Silver Spring, I grew up in Crownsville, MD and, aside from excursions to live in St. Louis and New Orleans, have been a lifelong Marylander. Returning to Montgomery County in 1995, I moved to Rockville in 1999. As a young, single, co-parent I lived for many years near Dogwood Park, later living in the West End. After a 3-and-a-half-year sojourn to New Orleans, my 2 dogs and I returned to the Twinbrook neighborhood of Rockville, along with my wife Deepa, who is new to Rockville and compares it favorably to her recent homes in Louisiana and The Hague, Netherlands. My experiences in places as diverse as St. Louis and Baltimore, where I went to school and continue to work, New Orleans, and the Hague have given me a unique appreciation for what makes Rockville so special and a sense of how it can be better.

Professionally, I work as a criminologist at a large national nonprofit. My career has been spent supporting community-based efforts to solve crime problems in some of this nation’s most challenged neighborhoods. My work focuses on collaborative partnerships between residents, community members, local police and governments, and on the influence of physical space and environment. Through this work I’ve seen cities and city governments at their best and worst, learned that there are extraordinary people and resources in every neighborhood, and seen that transformative change occurs when communities work together with a common vision. I’ve also developed expertise with data and analytic tools that are necessary for targeted crime reduction work and which apply to any assessment of outcomes and performance. My résumé is available here.

I attended Maryland public schools, graduating from Old Mill High School in Millersville, before earning a History degree from Towson University and later earning my Master’s in Criminology from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. My daughters, Selena and Sylvie, attended Ritchie Park and Twinbrook Elementary Schools, Julius West Middle School, and both graduated from Richard Montgomery. As they grew up, I volunteered as a coach with MSI for over a decade and the City of Rockville, coaching dozens of Rockville kids and building relationships with their families. After my girls grew out of the game, I volunteered with the boys’ varsity team at Richard Montgomery for five seasons.

In 2007 and 2008, one of my teams and I worked for a year to raise money, travel, and hold a soccer tournament with a local public health organization in Honduras to reduce HIV/AIDS in three Garifuna towns. Thanks to a wide range of support from our Rockville neighbors, the effort was a transformative service experience for many of the girls and for myself; while providing an amazing platform to reduce exposure to HIV/AIDS. As much as I have learned through school and 25 years of work, the relationships and connections made through volunteering with my Rockville neighbors have taught me more. I hope to continue benefitting from this exchange and sharing the fruits of these lessons as your representative on the City Council.


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