How Can I Help


First and foremost, by voting. If you have not done so yet and are eligible, register to vote. Then VOTE. Preferably for me as one of your 4 choices for city council. Other ways include;



As helpful as this website and social media are, there is still not better way for me to earn a vote than by meeting people and convincing them that I am the right person for the job. If you like what you see here or what you know of me, please consider introducing me to your friends and neighbors. To help in this or any other way, simply click on the main Volunteer tab and fill out the form, somebody from the team will get back to you shortly.



There are many ways in which I can use help. If you’d like to contribute in big ways or small, send a message and we can discuss how to use your skills or meet your interests in a way that is comfortable to you. Teamwork makes the dream work (if you help me out, you will be subjected to corny phrases and bad dad jokes).



I can only receive votes from U.S. citizens, most of whom will be pretty comfortable with English. But it is important that we make the effort to allow all of our residents to understand the ideas and intentions of those who would run city government. Plus, sometimes it is just more comfortable to read in your first language. I’m lucky enough that my family can provide Spanish translations, but would greatly appreciate help in translating to some of the other languages commonly spoken in Rockville.



This is a quick campaign with very few expenses, but door hangers, yard signs, mailers, etc add up quickly. Consider donating to our campaign so we can be as effective as possible.

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