In it Together


So much of the challenges that face us as a city and as a nation require the same prescription; more involvement by us, and more attention paid to the needs, concerns and desires of the public. For Rockville moving forward, the nature of the city will be defined not by the broad goals, like those expressed in the Rockville 2040 Comprehensive Plan, but in the choices we make and way we pursue our vision. Hard choices, bold choices, only get made when there is a common vision that they are appropriate and needed. On the City Council I will;

  • Work for you as your representative and advocate

  • Increase city outreach and responsiveness

  • Increase representation in city government

As a City Council member, my first and most important job is constituent service, acting as your advocate and conduit to city government and representing your concerns and priorities in voting. I work for you! From the start of my campaign, my biggest goal is to encourage and facilitate greater resident involvement in all the city’s business. You’ll read about my positions and feelings on a range of issues in this website, but they all come with a focus on increasing public participation and involvement.

Outreach is hard work, increasing diversity and inclusivity in city government and decision-making processes is hard work, and I recognize that asking my neighbors with busy lives to give more of their time and energy can be an imposition. That’s why my pledge is to work hard and long to build bridges and to find the mechanisms – like using technology and apps and making sure city meetings move to residents – to make participation less burdensome.

After my election, I will work to increase the City Council to 6 members, four of whom will represent geographic districts, and will work to open municipal voting to all adult residents, regardless of citizenship. As a voter, you deserve to have a dedicated representative on the council. Rockville is a vibrant and growing place thanks to our residents who come from all over the world, many raising their children here, buying homes and committing their lives to this city. They deserve a voice in how it is run.