Why I'm Running for City Council


I believe in people. Rockville has big challenges and opportunities on the way and I believe I have good ideas for how to meet them with the urgency required. But I know that the only way for Rockville to truly seize these opportunities is to develop a community vision and pursue solutions together. That’s why my first priority will always be to encourage Rockville’s residents and community members to take active roles in city business. And as a City Council member that means making sure that city government finds many different ways to encourage and make it easy for residents to be involved. My vision for Rockville’s future, which you can read about more in-depth on this website, includes;

  • Encouraging resident participation and city responsiveness

  • Preparing now for the next wave of population growth to ensure a high standard of living
    and inclusion for new residents

  • Promoting technological approaches to fit resident lifestyles and to guarantee
    transparency and accountability

  • Promoting opportunity and equitable outcomes for all residents

  • Incorporating environmental responsibility throughout government functions

I’ve lived in Rockville for 15 of the last 20 years, and I know the talent and capacity of the people in this city. I’ve worked in some of the most challenged neighborhoods in this country and learned that when neighbors work together and trust one another, amazing things happen. And I’ve seen how cities succeed and fail when faced with challenges. I am convinced that our society's biggest (a horrible national political landscape) and most personal (the isolating nature of technology) challenges have solutions based local on collaboration and community building. I believe I am the right person for the job as Rockville leaves the 20th century behind and charts a course in this new millennium.

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